Identity, narrative and self exploration is strongly evident throughout my photographic practice, engaging with a range of genres including documentary and staged imagery. This is demonstrated within works such as ‘Suspended Translation’ and ‘To Know the Unknown’ which derive from strong personal subject matter. An interest in photograph has been apparent from a young age, absorbed by the memory which can be embalmed within an image, the photograph documenting and allowing a narrative of the past to live on forever. Influenced by this, a passion for photography emerged. Studying BA (hons) photography visibly developed my practice, introducing new ideas, theories and techniques enhancing the context and self expression behind current series and images. An interest in sharing learnt knowledge and teaching has gradually become more evident influencing the decision to continue onto study a photographic postgraduate degree, to engage with photography at greater depth in the hope to develop the appropriate skills and understanding within photography to go on to teach in Higher Education, specialising in photography.