Yasmin Stephens is a half Iraqi, half English artist living in the UK. After studying at a Steiner school as a child Yasmin continued to develop her creativity, studying photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree which was followed by a Masters. She discovered her love for performance within photography while finishing her undergraduate degree and from there continued to develop this throughout her Masters, becoming both the photographer and subject of her own gaze.



Artist Statement:


I exercise, play music and horse ride to focus and create a space for creative thought. Through riding I connect with nature which enables me to explore my thoughts in a peaceful environment and through exercising I push my body and thrive off the energy and strength of the physical self. This sets the building blocks in my practice as my work engages with both the mental and physical. I aim to stress the power of the female body with personal reference to recovery from illness.


Being half Iraqi I have also always had a love for the Middle East and a longing to connect to my ancestral roots. This is very apparent in areas of my work which explore the confusion I experience growing out of loss and longing for something I have never truly known.

Twitter- YasminStephens7


Instagram - yasmin.stephens1